NorthSouth GIS Rebrands as NSGIS

Press Release

Los Angeles, CA (January 2017) – Leading geospatial systems integrator, NorthSouth GIS LLC, has announced that it is rebranding as NSGIS, including its logo, web site, email domain and the use of the common name NSGIS in lieu of NSG. NorthSouth GIS LLC was so named in 2005 because of its origins in a collaboration between US and New Zealand owners. Since founding member, President and CEO, Daniel Elroi, acquired full US control of the company in 2014, the “South” aspect of the company name has receded in significance. And while the company’s legal name remains the same, the company has decided to adopt the common name long used by its clients and colleagues, NSGIS, thus shortening URL and email addresses considerably. Daniel Elroi explains, “We reflected on how our long-time business partners, Esri, transformed from Environmental Systems Research Institute, first to ESRI, and finally to the Esri brand that its users had been using all along. By adopting the NSGIS name that our clients have always preferred, we are signaling our commitment to focus on our clients’ needs.”


NSGIS (NorthSouth GIS LLC) is a geospatial systems integrator based in Los Angeles. NSGIS specializes in integrating information management systems around their common location elements. We partner with leading GIS technology partners, Esri and Latitude Geographics, to deliver practical solutions to real world problems, focusing in particular on “cities within cities” such as ports and airports worldwide, and on local government clients in Southern California.

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