Port of Stockton

 NSGIS delivered a comprehensive enterprise-wide GIS solution, integrating security, mass notification, and property management

Port of StocktongeoPORTalThe Port of Stockton is a Port District organized under California Harbor and Navigation Code. It is the largest deep water inland port in California, 75 miles from the ocean, and the largest river port in the Western US. While the Port of Stockton mainly moves bulk and break-bulk commodities and is the only “net-exports” port in California, over half the Port’s revenues are from land holdings. The Port maintains its own sworn police force, but has had to shed much of its other staff and rely heavily on external resources.

The Challenges

The Port of Stockton has a diverse and demanding clientele; with reduced staff, and stretched budgets, the Port has had to face special challenges:

  • Maintaining its critical role in the regional infrastructure and commerce
  • Operating efficiently and safely in spite of limited in-house staff resources due to recession and retirement
  • Updating technology rapidly across the board in order to do more with less
  • Using technology to collaborate better
  • Achieving a common view of information

The NSGIS Solution

NSGIS implemented an Esri-based Enterprise GIS that fulfills the needs of all operational units, thus also putting valuable information at the fingertips of the Port Police:

  • On-site enterprise geodatabase and embedded staff to keep it maintained
  • Coordination with port contractors to ensure that CAD data that are delivered to the Port fit will with the GIS geodatabase
  • Tight integration with Property Management and Mass Notification Systems
  • Stockton geoPORTal: a single web viewer for all geospatial aspects of the port, including properties, utilities, environment, nautical charts, live vessel and weather feeds, and real-time video and access control data


NorthSouth GIS is now offering the delivery of similar capabilities as implemented at the Port of Stockton for both on-site implementation or via our cost effective, secure cloud technology deployment.

The Port of Stockton Case Study (PDF)


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