Water and Wastewater Utilities

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD)

EMWDEMWD provides water, sewage collection, water desalination and water recycling for about 758,000 residents within a 542-square mile service area in western Riverside County. NSGIS has been supporting EMWD’s GIS efforts since 2013, performing a wide range of technical support activities, including the upgrade of Esri server technology, optimization of multi-user GIS editing environments, deployment of web GIS based apps like Collector, and the upgrade and improvement of web viewers.

The Fleet web mapping application created by NSGIS is used by EMWD maintenance staff to learn more about the water, sewage and recycled water pump stations, lift stations and tanks that needed maintenance and repair before traveling to that destination. The Integrated Operations Center (IOC) web mapping application is used by EMWD operations staff to easily see customer reported issues, such as water pressure, water quality, etc., based on specific time (last 24-hours, last week, last month, etc.). NSGIS has deployed robust Cathodic Test Station and Water Valve collection and inspection via ArcGIS Collector for the infield Water Operations staff; Water Operations management can immediately view the field crew progress and perform powerful Geocortex Essentials reports deployed by NSGIS into the web viewer in moments, saving them weeks of tedious and error prone manual calculations. NSGIS upgraded the enterprise geodatabase permissions approach and entire versioning process, ensuring that all users have the right access while protecting the data and ensuring the multi-user editing process is smooth and increases data integrity. NSGIS is now in the process of overhauling over 500 data processing scripts to use the latest ArcPy technology for better performance, tracking, and error logging.

Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility District (AWWU)


AWWU awarded NSGIS the contract to create and present its five-year GIS Master Plan. AWWU is one of the oldest implementers of Esri GIS in the water utility sector, but as with many other veteran customers, had reached a plateau in its use of GIS, and brought NSGIS’s subject matter experts to help propel it to the next level of efficiency and broad use of geospatial technologies. NSGIS conducted extensive in-depth interviews to reveal current processes, needs, and experience; reviewed existing spatial data both digital and paper,; researched all current integrations as well as any systems that could be integrated in the future; and carefully reviewed the existing and planned IT infrastructure. Working closely key stakeholders at AWWU, NSGIS delivered a detailed plan covering its Assessment of Current Conditions, Gap Analysis, Needs Assessment, Benefits, and its Recommendations for Governance, Staffing, Process, Budget, and more. With this plan, AWWU has a clear direction for moving GIS forward with balanced and logical steps that are closely aligned with the organization’s vision and budget, and has a roadmap for ensuring that GIS remains an integral and vital enterprise information management system that supports AWWU’s core mission.

Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD)


WRD is the largest groundwater agency in the State of California, managing and protecting local groundwater resources for four million residents in a 420-square-mile region of southern Los Angeles County. This service area uses about 250,000 acre-feet (82 billion gallons) of groundwater annually which accounts for approximately half of the region’s water supply. WRD is responsible for monitoring and testing groundwater throughout the region using effective management principles.

WRD publishes its well data to the public via a web viewer and NSGIS is in the process to upgrade and improve that viewer and its reports to the latest Esri ArcGIS Enterprise architecture and Geocortex Essentials web technology. The reports are now more comprehensive with up-to-date and detailed maps, vital well data and metadata, and intelligent hydrographs.