Manage Facilities, Reduce Costs

Office managing facilities

Manage both the maintenance and financial aspects of port assets and facilities, and roll up information from a single valve to an entire terminal

“Doing what we’ve always done” is no longer a feasible choice. Aging port staff members, whose knowledge may only be in their heads, are retiring. Crumbling paper blueprints are missing, hard to find, faded and out of date. This can lead to an expensive gas line replacement because access to the current gas line as-builts was not available, or the expensive drilling of a new ground water monitoring well because the existing well was paved over by the construction team who was not informed of its existence, or assets the port no longer owns are still being insured because their deprecation slipped someone’s mind.

With the NSG Port Solution, these costly mistakes are a thing of past. Historic blueprints can be directly drawn on or accessed from a specified location on the map. Individual knowledge can be centralized, preserved and used to help others, today and in the future. Assets can be inspected, cataloged and displayed on the map and asset reports can be created with confidence.

Antiquated procedures cause backlogs, costing unnecessary time and money.

Short cut the middle man and get the vital information directly into every port employee hands.The Port of Tacoma has an extended library of over 20,000 digital engineering drawing sheets, but the system in place to access those sheets was difficult to use, so most port staff requested help from one staffer who knew how to use the system. As a part of the NSG Port Solution, the Port was able to upgrade and revolutionize the drawing indexing system, accessing those drawing sheets directly from the interactive web map. This enables everyone to easily and immediately to find and analyze those drawings for themselves, saving precious time for both themselves and the one staffer upon whom they had all relied, freeing him up to do his own job.