Manage Assets, Maximize Returns

Port Overview

Maximize the value of your real estate assets by easily communicating which properties are available for leasing with accurate real estate information directly linked to the map

One of the main challenges ports face is maximizing the returns on their asset portfolio. And one of the basic ways ports increase their profits is to increase the total percentage of property leased. However, it is difficult to keep up with the current leasing status of terminals, real estate and short term leases at most ports, let alone know which properties are available now and in the near future. Furthermore, relating financial information to the land is challenging, making it hard to determine which leases are the most profitable relative to the amount of land they occupy.

The NSG Port Solution makes this easy by organizing and integrating real estate databases and systems to the map with our robust land management data model. It also can help you communicate which properties are available to potential tenants with a searchable map on your port’s homepage.

With the recent implementation of the NSG Port Solution at the Port of Tacoma, for example, they are on their way to achieving these goals with the establishment of the dynamic land management data model and weekly updates to long and short term leases.

Once the land management and real estate databases are linked, the Port of Tacoma can take advantage of more tools available in the NSG Port Solution, such as an Available Properties Search tool and a Proposed Lease Configuration sketch tool.

Click here to learn more about the NSG Port Solution at the Port of Tacoma.