Strategic Planning

NSGIS shows clients how they can use geospatial technologies to:

  • Empower better decision making
  • Reduce waste and liabilities associated with lost and outdated information
  • Improve collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
  • More profitably manage their assets and real estate by integrating various information technologies – whether GIS, GPS, AIS, AVL, PSIM, ERP or CMMS systems – using their common geographic elements

More than just “putting it on a map”, our approach helps clients to relate information from systems that refer to addresses, to systems that refer to port lots and parcels, and systems that refer to GPS coordinates, or to the asset ID of underground utilities.

NSGIS shares how other clients have already implemented geospatial technologies across their enterprise, illustrating innovative uses of these technologies, and helps clients create a phased implementation road map. Through interviews, systems analysis, and review of clients’ individual strategic plans and business drivers, NSGIS helps chart a prudent and affordable course, with recommendations for funding mechanisms and means to sustain investment with a long range plan for maintenance and upkeep.

NSGIS is comfortable presenting these ideas to both executive management and elected commissioners, as well as to IT professionals and the rest of the professional staff that keep organizations operating, from the plumbers and mechanics to the security staff and accountants. Strategic planning is typically an inexpensive and relatively short exercise, and often takes place a year or two before the commencement of actual implementation.