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Geocortex Essentials

NSGIS is One of the Leading Geocortex Experts in the USA

NSGIS is an Authorized Implementer in the United States for Geocortex Essentials, from Latitude Geographics.

Geocortex Essentials provides a framework to easily administer and configure rich web mapping and web GIS viewers. Geocortex software transforms how organizations design, develop and maintain Esri web-based applications by enabling them to do more; faster, for less cost and risk and with better results.

Geocortex Essentials is the most powerful tool that NSGIS has found for rapidly deploying map viewers, automated work flows, reports, and geospatial applications for our clients. We are Authorized Implementers of this middleware, and have deployed it on top of Esri’s ArcGIS for Server or Esri’s ArcGIS Online about two dozen times, at small sites such as the City of Burbank, CA, or large sites such as the City of Los Angeles, CA. This expertise, especially in custom deployments and software development around the Geocortex Essentials software, has made NSGIS one of the leading Geocortex Essentials experts in the USA today.

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