Cloud Hosting

While many of our clients prefer to and have the capacity to implement enterprise geospatial systems in-house or “on-site”, some smaller clients such as ports prefer to have their data and applications hosted in the cloud.

There are many advantages to the cloud approach:

  • No need to purchase and maintain hardware and software
  • No need for dedicated IT personnel
  • Increased resilience to disaster
  • Availability of services outside the client’s network (e.g. to public safety stakeholders or to client staff when they are away from the office) without the need to breach the organization’s firewall
  • Funding of the system via operating costs rather than capital expenditures

There are limitations to this approach, such as the difficulty or sometimes outright impossibility of integration with other in-house systems .

However, for those clients who would like or need to use this approach, or for those who prefer to “try before buying”, NSGIS offers several options for a “managed, cloud-hosted and secure” geospatial solution off-site on a subscription basis. For ports, we recommend Enesgy® for Ports, Cloud version, which offers many of the same features as our on-site implementation of Enesgy® for Ports.