NSGIS Launches the Enesgy Software Brand


Press Release

Los Angeles, CA (June 2017) – NSGIS has years of experience integrating corporate systems like Document Management Systems (DMS) and Video Management Systems (VMS) with GIS. NSGIS is pleased to announce its software brand, Enesgy. Enesgy is commercial off-the-shelf software that enables users to visualize and spatially manage documents, assets, incidents, and more.

For many organizations, this marks the launch of more affordable GIS solutions. These tools are designed to utilize existing infrastructure, corporate systems, and security protocols. Paired with software support and maintenance from the same NSGIS consultants you know and trust, Enesgy fills the gap between GIS and other corporate systems at large or small organizations. Enesgy software provides the highest return on investment to organizations with diverse industrial, transportation, or institutional assets, especially those with a large footprint, such as ports, airports, college campuses, and refineries.

The two flagship products, Enesgy™ Documents and Enesgy™ Video are offered for standalone licensing, while the other Enesgy products are offered in bundled solutions, starting with Enesgy™ for Ports, the new brand name for the NSG Port Solution. All Enesgy software can be deployed on-premises or in a private cloud, while some products can be licensed as a cloud subscription.

Enesgy is completely integrated with ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, and Geocortex Essentials. For existing Esri or Latitude Geographics customers, Enesgy is a natural software enhancement, filling a functionality gap. For customers without any existing GIS infrastructure, Enesgy software can be used as a focused, single-purpose solution, or form the foundation for a robust enterprise GIS, built gradually over time.


NSGIS (NorthSouth GIS LLC) is a geospatial systems integrator based in Los Angeles. NSGIS specializes in integrating information management systems around their common location elements. We partner with leading GIS technology partners, Esri and Latitude Geographics, to deliver practical solutions to real world problems, focusing in particular on “cities within cities” such as ports and airports worldwide, and on local government clients in Southern California.