NorthSouth GIS & ThirdWave Announce Strategic Partnership

Press Release

Los Angeles, CA (April 2017) –Los Angeles-based technology leaders NSGIS (NorthSouth GIS LLC) and ThirdWave Corporation have entered into a strategic technology partnership to collaborate on GIS projects aimed at fully leveraging the emerging broad-base of geospatial technologies. ThirdWave’s patented methods for accomplishing IT strategic plans by translating recommendations into actions greatly compliments NSGIS’s own expertise and robust experience in geospatial consulting. NSGIS provides world class consulting services in a variety of emerging information technologies, such as enterprise systems, Big Data, and numerous enterprise application integrations that use spatial data.

Daniel Elroi, President and CEO of NSGIS, notes: “ThirdWave has an impressive track record in guiding clients through complex IT challenges and in delivering recommendations that actually get funded and executed. This partnership will help our clients turn their geospatial needs into reality.” Roy Hernandez, President and CEO of ThirdWave, adds: “We have been aware of NSGIS’ technical prowess since the early 2000s, and have watched them take GIS applications in engineering, asset management, and security environments to a whole new level. We’re thrilled to have them as a partner, adding significant value to the professional services we offer our clients.”


NSGIS (NorthSouth GIS LLC) is a geospatial systems integrator based in Los Angeles. NSGIS specializes in integrating information management systems around their common location elements. We partner with leading GIS technology partners, Esri and Latitude Geographics, to deliver practical solutions to real world problems, focusing in particular on “cities within cities” such as ports and airports worldwide, and on local government clients in Southern California.