NorthSouth GIS Rebrands as NSGIS


NorthSouth GIS LLC has listened to you, our clients, and has announced that we are rebranding as NSGIS. Good bye and Hello and! You have always abbreviated our name as NSGIS, even as we insisted on NSG or the full length of our legal name. Since we always try to improve by listening to our clients, we have now made the switch. So while our legal name remains, you will now see us refer to NSGIS most of the time. This is not a dissimilar path that our long-time partners, Esri, took when they transformed their brand from Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. first to ESRI, then to the brand that their users always preferred, Esri.

Founder, President and CEO Daniel Elroi explains: “When I founded the company in 2005 with partners from New Zealand, the name NorthSouth GIS made a lot of sense, but after I acquired full control of the company in 2014 and turned it into a 100% US-owned firm, retaining the full name wasn’t as meaningful.” Today NSGIS has the reputation of the leading geospatial systems integrator in ports, with a large number of port clients in the US and abroad, as well as an important GIS innovator in the Southern California local government and utilities markets. NSGIS’s Solutions Manager Doug Yates adds “I welcome the change in brand and adjustment in identity, as the software solutions side of our business becomes more important and as we prepare to launch our own software brand in the coming months.”