Port Case Studies

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Port Description Annual Ship Calls Cargo Tons Cargo TEUs Cruise Passengers Direct Employees Primary business
Port of Los AngelesCase Study

1st busiest container port in the United States 2,100+ 157.8M+ 7.8M+ 430,000+ 1,000+ container, liquid, cruise
Port of OaklandCase Study

5th busiest container port in the United States 1,900+ 15.5M+ 2.2M+ N/A 500+ container
Port of StocktonCase Study

Largest inland river port on the West coast 200+ 2.8M+ N/A 100+ break bulk, bulk, liquid
Port of TacomaCase Study

Largest WA port; Gateway to Alaska 1,100+ 17.9M+ 1.7M+ N/A 500+ container, break bulk, bulk
Port of Long Beach

2nd busiest container port in the United States 4,000+ 63M+ 6.7M+ 450,000+ 475+ container, bulk, break bulk, liquid, cruise
Port Tampa Bay

Primary gateway to Central Florida markets 1,500+ 6M+ 22,000+ 850,000+ 130+ bulk, break bulk, liquid, gas, cruise
Port of San Diego

 5.5M+  62,000+  102 ship calls  500+  container, bulk, break bulk, cruise
Port of Hueneme

 5.7M+  61,000+  N/A  40+ container, bulk, break bulk
Port of Houston Authority

South Carolina Ports Authority

Port Everglades

Port of Longview

Port of Vancouver

All figures presented here are approximate at best as sources for this information are difficult to obtain and should only be used as an illustration of each port’s general nature of operations. We are happy to receive corrections at ports@nsgis.com.