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Geospatial Systems Integration for Ports

NorthSouth GIS LLC (NSGIS) designs and deploys geospatial systems for ports. We integrate them with other port systems, populate them with data, devise processes of all varieties, and train personnel, all with a focus on long-term sustainability. NSGIS provides geospatial consulting services and off-the-shelf solutions to ports of all sizes, large and small, both within the United States and globally.

NSGIS is the only firm today to successfully deploy enterprise-wide geospatial solutions at multiple ports. Our success is based on our ability to think like port professionals, forming strong and long lasting bonds with our clients. While our goals are guided by your business drivers our methods are based on deep enterprise IT experience, and tight partnerships with our software suppliers, especially Esri® and Latitude Geographics®.

Explore our services, solutions, clients, and success stories, and contact us today for a demo and more information.

NSGIS and ARES Security implement a situational awareness and management system for the Port of San Diego:

NSGIS President and CEO Daniel Elroi discusses Data as related to Geospatial Solutions in Ports:

See the video about the Enterprise GIS system that truly revolutionized the day to day operations at the Port of Los Angeles: