NSGIS Management

NSGIS management is dedicated to the delivery of high quality consulting services, the creation of innovative software, and the application of geospatial science to solving real world problems.

Daniel Elroi, President and CEO

Daniel headshotDaniel is NSGIS’s founder and lead consultant. A GIS pioneer with over thirty years of experience in system design and integrations, strategic consulting and software development, Daniel was a graduate of one of the earliest GIS academic programs in the US, and an early adopter of the technology. Daniel has created or helped establish four GIS firms in three continents, and founded NSGIS in 2005, initially as international joint venture, and now as an American-owned consulting and software firm. Daniel has amassed GIS experience in local government, real estate, utilities, pipelines, nuclear waste disposal, mining, historic preservation, public safety, security, planning, seaports, and airports, as well in commercial software development.

Eric Patrick, Services Manager

Eric is responsible for all of NSGIS’s professional services projects, including all support contracts and NSGIS’s help desk. Eric specializes in the complex GIS implementations, including GIS data creation, interpretation and organization, workflow management, customer support, systems administration, requirements gathering, technical writing, training, CADD-GIS interoperability and project management. Eric joined NSGIS in 2009 and has over twenty years of experience in the application of GIS to data publishing, law enforcement, seaport, local government, and utilities.

Doug Yates, Solutions Manager

Doug is responsible for all Enesgy® branded licensed software solutions produced by NSGIS, as well as for managing our custom software development projects. Doug specializes in product management, GIS data workflow development, efficiency improvements, software solution architecture, requirement design and translation to software development teams, team organization and project management. With NSGIS since 2009, Doug has over twenty years of experience in GIS and solution development management, seaports and airports, law enforcement, local government, and data publishing.

 Ian Masterton, Software Architect

Ian is the software architect of the Enesgy® branded licensed software solutions produced by NSGIS, as well as the designer for our custom software development projects. Ian is an accomplished .NET and web developer in his own right, but also provides strategic direction for the company and manages the technical aspects of our development projects. Ian started working with NSGIS in 2006 and joined our ranks as our software architect in 2014. Ian has twenty years of experience in a variety of application areas, including local and national government, seaports, security, banking and academia.