ThirdWaveThirdWave is a full service Management Consulting / Systems Integration firm based in Los Angeles. They have decades of experience helping government and Fortune 500 clients with both IT Strategic Plans and with Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR). 98% of the IT Strategic Plans ThirdWave has created for their customers have been approved and/or funded, which is unparalleled in the IT Strategic Plan industry.

Rapid Workflow

To produce tangible results efficiently, ThirdWave has developed Rapid Workflow®. Rapid Workflow is a patented, rigorous methodology used to produce business, technical and functional requirements. It provides the synthesis of optimized business practices with responsive Information Technology solutions.

This framework produces high performance work and service delivery systems and processes that drive the most appropriate implementation of technology. It eliminates the risks that come from procuring technology without a clear definition of business and technical requirements as performance parameters.