Latitude Geographics

Latitude GeographicsLatitude Geographics Group Ltd is a software company based in Canada. They are the developers and designers of Geocortex software. NSGIS is an Authorized Implementer in the United States.

Geocortex Essentials

Geocortex Geocortex Essentials is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software product that provides unique approaches to streamline the process of creating and maintaining multiple applications built to custom specifications, while insulating users from inevitable technology change over time.

Geocortex Essentials streamlines the process of creating applications and delivers unrivaled feature and capability options that can be tailored to create exactly what users require, without the pitfalls of custom development. Thanks to complete web-based configuration and management tools, APIs for total development flexibility and extensive integration options, Geocortex Essentials makes creating modern, professional web mapping applications less onerous and more efficient.

Geocortex is appropriate when custom capabilities are needed; it’s an alternative to custom application development using core APIs and SDKs (which can become costly and time consuming).

Geocortex Analytics

Organizations make significant investments in their web mapping architectures, yet often have limited information on how their systems are being used and where challenges and issues exist. Geocortex Analytics helps GIS administrators to understand use patterns, quantify and report on GIS infrastructure return-on-investment and build better applications based on near-real time data analysis. Geocortex Analytics is centered around four key areas to give you a full view of your systems:

  • Status is about what is happening right now and is crucial to providing relevant and timely information about your GIS infrastructure.
  • Trends examines changes over time. Increases and decreases in usage, performance and stability can inform purchasing decisions and validate overall GIS ROI.
  • Dashboard focuses on user experience and brings all of your information into one place.
  • Alarms give you and other stakeholders instant notifications via email or SMS when something goes wrong.