NorthSouth GIS LLC was the brainchild of Daniel Elroi, who founded Elroi Consulting Inc (ECI) in Colorado in 1998, and David and Beryl Pimblott, who founded Explorer Graphics Ltd (EGL) in New Zealand in 1987. GIS pioneers in their own right and in their own geographies, the partners founded an international collaboration, including the establishment of NorthSouth GIS LLC in 2005, based in Colorado.

In 2007 the partners helped to incubate a new technology company in India, called NorthSouth GIS (India) Pvt Ltd. In 2008 NorthSouth GIS LLC moved its US headquarters from Colorado to California, and in 2010 Elroi Consulting in the USA became completely absorbed by NorthSouth GIS LLC, while Explorer Graphics in New Zealand rebranded as NorthSouth GIS NZ Ltd in 2011.

In 2013 NorthSouth GIS (India) Pvt Ltd became part of the Indian SVK Systems group. In 2014 NorthSouth GIS (NZ) Ltd. was acquired by Australian geospatial firm AAM Pty Ltd. and ceased operating as NorthSouth GIS (NZ) Ltd in 2016. Also in 2014, NorthSouth GIS LLC became a 100% US-owned firm, owned and managed by Daniel Elroi.

In 2017 NorthSouth GIS LLC, while retaining its legal name, rebranded as NSGIS, thus completing the transformation into a US entity that is completely independent of the various firms that at one time or another made up the NorthSouth GIS group of consulting firms. Today, NSGIS is based in Los Angeles, and executes projects throughout North America. Also in 2017, NSGIS released the Enesgy® software brand.